The 12 Days of Covid Christmas (Song Parody)

So here at SNSN, we try to bring you as much news as we possibly can within our community.  However, there are times where we goof off and try to be a little entertaining.  Last week, most of the staff got together and did a parody to the 12 Days of Christmas, and we put our own spin on it.  It’s all meant in fun, and we had a good time recording it.  We hope you like it as well. – Mike



Written By:  Shannon “Sprindle” Prindle

Produced by: Mike Minarsky

Mixed by: Kevin Dunn

Performers within the song:  Lisa Coe, Phil Michel, Mike Minarsky, Shannon Prindle, Paul Lach

Copyright: Wolverine Media

***If you use this song in any production or media sharing, please credit SNSN Radio/Wolverine Media****

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