Food Distribution a Success At Griswold Senior Center

The senior center hosted yet another food box distribution day which started at 9:30 AM on Friday February 5th.  Just under 500 food boxes were brought in after the senior center was notified by the Gemma Moran food pantry earlier in the week.

The box that was distributed had items such as a gallon of milk, 1 lb of cheese, onions, potatoes, a whole chicken, hot dogs and yogurt among other items.  The food box was given away free and all you had to do was drive up, open your hatch or back door of your vehicle.  Senior Center employees including the Director, Tina Falck were on hand as well as First Selectman Todd Babbitt and a whole host of volunteers.  If you couldn’t make it to the food distribution, there were even people delivering to seniors and homebound residents.

It went a little further than just the food box.  Something that was completely unexpected was the owner of Uncle Kranky’s, Frank Rubino, called SNSN while we were at the food drive saying that he had loaves of white vienna bread that he received by accident from his distributor and due to COVID-19, was unable to give them back.  Rubino decided that it would be a good idea to bring them to the food distribution, and boxes of fresh bread were also being given out to residents.

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