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Weekly Wellbeing Resources
Career Wellbeing

  • Feeling Trapped?  How to Find New Energy at Work – Even if we love what we do, it’s easy to fall victim to the mundanity and routine of our work.  We feel stuck. This article discusses how we can disrupt our patterns in order to break out of the rut.

Social & Family Wellbeing

  • The Psychology Behind Sibling Rivalry – While many siblings have grown closer during the pandemic, the amount of sibling fighting has also grown.  What is the developmental purpose of sibling rivalry and how can parents mitigate it?  This article provides practical tips and the peace of mind that the fighting will end…someday.
  • Inauguration 2021: How to Talk to Your Kids About Politics – If you’ve been on an emotional, politics-fueled rollercoaster in 2020/21, your kids have probably noticed. Life Kit shares a quick primer on how to talk with your kids about politics and civics during this important week.

Financial Wellbeing

  • Expanding and Protecting Your Savings (webinar) – For some, saving is an important routine built into their everyday lives—and they may be looking for ways to save even more on their path toward financial independence.  In this webinar, Principal Financial will talk about additional ways to save if you’ve already maxed out your retirement savings accounts and you’ll learn about the different strategies you may want to consider to help protect your hard-earned income and assets. Wednesday, January 20th at 12PM ET.

Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

  • 13 Ways to Help Banish the Winter Blues Right Now – With shorter days, colder weather and a global pandemic, it’s easy for the winter blues to set in with symptoms such as moodiness, lethargy or outright depression.  Dr. Frank Lipman shares some tips to point you in a positive direction over the coming months.
  • How to Handle Uncertainty and Feelings of Helplessness – Gabby Bernstein (#1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach) discusses the methods she uses to reclaim her inner power when the outer world is unsteady.

Community Wellbeing

  • 70 Acts of Kindness That Won’t Cost a Thing – Sometimes life can get ahead of you and you can forget about the smallest things that make you or someone else smile. Showing support for your community, coworkers, family, and yourself can be easy — and cost effective. Little things like giving a positive review on your coworker’s LinkedIn profile, or donating your unused materials to a shelter can show kindness without you having to spend a dime.

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