Two Arrested After Ashland Street Standoff

Troopers responded to 90 Ashland St in Jewett City for the report of a bullet striking the side of another residence. Upon arrival, Troopers observed a bullet inside of a residence. Trooper identified the location of where the bullet was fired from and attempted to make contact with individuals inside that residence.  Troopers and K-9’s had the building surrounded for that hour with rifles drawn.

Two individuals 32 year old Nicholas Laliberty and 32 year old Christopher Marsh exited the residence after approximately an hour of Troopers using verbal commands. These individuals were taken into custody and transported back to Troop E for processing.

A gun was discharged and bullets went through a wall entering the duplex to the right of the 3 story apartment home that Laliberty is residing in.  According to the owner of the duplex, which sits in between 2 3 story multi family homes, the apartment on the left (if viewing from the street) had occupants inside playing video games in their living room when a bullet came through their wall.  The occupants of the apartment called 911 to report the gunshot.  The bullet entered the apartment just a couple of feet from the resident in the living room.

According to the owner of the duplex, there doesn’t seem to be any intent other than carelessness.

The borough of Jewett City issued a shelter in place alert for the residents of Ashland St during the event.  Troopers were on location until late night investigating the incident with Ashland Street taped off where no traffic could pass.

Nicholas Scott Laliberty was processed and fingerprinted. Laliberty was charged with Theft of Assault Weapon or Other Firearm, Breach Of Peace in The Second Degree,  Large Capacity Magazines, Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, and Manufacture of a Firearm.  Christopher C Marsh was also processed and fingerprinted. Marsh was charged with Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm and Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, Breach of Peace in The Second Degree, and Large Capacity Magazines.

Both individuals were held on $200,000 Bonds and were in court on in Norwich Superior Court 04/26/2022




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