Board of Finance Hears Board of Education Request/Proposal for Athletic Field Study

At the last regular Board of Finance meeting at Griswold Town Hall, the Griswold Board of Education was at centere stage on the agenda.  A topic that has been discussed over the last few years are the athletic fields, their conditions, and what to do going forward.

The most popular discussion to date is to create a “multi purpose field” that would be used for Track and Fields events, Boys/Girls Lacrosse, Boys/Girls Soccer, and of course Football.  Griswold Public Schools Superintendent, Sean McKenna, presented information to the finance board on April 19th about going forward with a study from the firm “CPH” that would provide a comprehensive study to find out what costs would be like before a project was started.  McKenna went on to say that Al Carpenter from CPH came “highly recommended” by schools such as Canterbury and Ledyard.

The cost of the study would be $30,000

Below is the audio portion of Mr. McKenna speaking to the board of finance about this and the outcome from the board of finance.  The audio quality is low since it was recorded on a personal device, but you can hear it and understand what is spoken to.

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