Hospitalizations Go Up However Eastern Ct Maintaining The Lowest Numbers

State Covid cases have spiked in the last couple of days in Connecticut. The daily infection percentage has risen to 1.78% since the weekend, and 3.63% overall in the state. These are the highest percentages since June.

Hospitalizations is up over a 100 for the first time in almost 5 weeks at 104. New London County is still low compared to some areas of the state and only up +2 since the weekend and 3 new admissions and one was discharged. New London County has a total of 16 people in the hospital, and Windham County remains unchanged at 2 hospitalizations.

Hartford County had the largest jump in admissions with +7 and a total of 38. Which means that 37% of Covid hospital patients is from Hartford County. Fairfield County which has had the highest numbers since the beginning of the pandemic houses 22% of Connecticut residents in the Hospital with the virus.

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