Griswold Seniors Are on The Move… Soon… Literally

The new senior center will be open hopefully by early spring which raises the question, what is to happen to the previous Senior center. Looks like the plan is to move the Griswold Alternative School there. At this point 2 architectural proposals have been received and both companies have been able to tour the building.  At the last Griswold Board of Finance Meeting, the board approved up to $10,400 for the purpose of a feasibility study for converting the senior center to the new Griswold Alternative School.

According to Senior Director Tina Falck, construction is roughly 12 weeks behind schedule. “There are lots of determining factors with the opening like construction being behind schedule, juggling grants in Hartford, crews being out due to COVID-19, and materials on delay. With all of these factors, we are very happy with our construction manager with all that has been accomplished.”

The new senior center is not all that the center is handling at the current time, they are also scheduling COVID-19 vaccines for all the seniors in the 3 elderly housing properties within the town. Faulk says that the center has called all of the town’s seniors that are 80 years old and above to make appointments at Walgreen’s Pharmacy. “Most of the seniors don’t have email accounts, so we have to make accounts for them.”

Falck does mention that the process may be a little painstaking for the seniors. She says that the center is also helping them make their appointments.

“They are making appointments for 75+ at this point and if you are having trouble making an appointment and need help, please call the senior center and we will help.” Falck added.
The next step will be 65 and older which according to the senior center is approximately 50% of the town’s seniors.

If you a senior or if you know someone that knows a senior needing help, you can call the Griswold Senior Center for assistance at 860-376-2604

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