Griswold Boys Hoops Team Sent To Quarantine

At first, it was a possibility that the basketball season would get put on ice due to the once again rising cases of the COVID-19 virus inside of Connecticut.  Cases have been on the climb over the past couple of weeks, hitting an infection rate of almost 9% one day, yet hovering around 5%-6%.

It was learned today that the Griswold High School Boys Basketball team’s season will not start as scheduled.

Because Covid.

Many sources in the Griswold Basketball community has have told SNSN that a coach has tested positive for the virus, putting the boys teams on a 10 day quarantine. With the upcoming Christmas break, that would put the hiatus until after the new year.  However, at this point, it’s unclear exactly what day the quarantine began.  It is not known for certain at this time how many games will be scratched off the schedules, if any.

Please note, we don’t know who exactly has tested positive for COVID-19 and SNSN will not make accusations.  Whatever the rumor is, it has not been verified, and won’t be due to HIPPA.  Also, please remember that anyone can test positive for COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status.  Finger pointing and accusations would be nothing but a negative reaction and inappropriate.  Let’s just hope for a quick recovery.

We don’t need uncalled for negativity, we’ve had enough of it for almost 2 years.




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