Fines Levied If You Don’t Shovel the Sidewalk in Front Of Your Home/Business in Griswold

With snow coming Sunday, and more coming this week as forecasted for Tuesday and possibly on Friday, residents ask questions and have concerns about what to do, what their responsibility is as far as the snow, as well as if their are fines and how much they are.

On the Borough of Jewett City side of things, residents have 48 hours to remove the snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes, if you happen to have one.  If you do not, the Borough will fine you $35 for not doing so.

That’s not where it stops.  The snow still has to be removed, and it isn’t cheap.

According to the Borough, they will then ask the town to remove the snow from your sidewalk in front of your house which will incur additional fees over and above the $35 fine that the Borough could levy on you.  If the snow is light and fluffy, the cost is $75.  If the snow is heavy and wet or possibly frozen that would require additional equipment, then it is a minimum fee of $125.  This is over and above the $35 fine from the Borough of Jewett City.  If the fines and fees are not paid, the town has the option of putting a lien on your property.

What about seniors?  What about someone that is health compromised and can’t do it?  You could always ask a family member or neighbor who can do it for them.  If not, the town will go ahead and remove the snow, and subsequently you would be charged.

According to senior center director, Tina Falck, regarding seniors that may be health compromised, “It isn’t something that comes up too often.  I know that my grandkids go to the neighbors and do it as a community service.  Our custodians son hits the elderly park on Sheldon Rd, but if it did come up, we would address it.”

Bottom line is that the snow has to be cleared.  Best practice?  Help each other.

In the meantime, enjoy these wintery photos from your neighbors!

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