(MIDDLETOWN, CT – March 15, 2022) – Eight recruits in the State Police 131st Training Troop have
been terminated by the Connecticut State Police following an investigation.
The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Division of State Police, Recruit
Termination Board convened and recommended the collective opinion that they be terminated for violation of
rules and regulations.
Subsequent to the Termination Board’s recommendation, the Division of State Police conducted an
Internal Affairs investigation into this matter. The findings of the Internal Affairs investigation concluded that
the actions of the recruits were in violation of Connecticut State Police Academy Rules and Regulations,
Section 1.13.1 Cheating/Plagiarism.
In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 5-230, they were dismissed effective March
15, 2022.
The remaining 53 members of the 131st Training Troop are scheduled to graduate on March 24th
“This was a very unfortunate set of circumstances and allegations such as these are not taken lightly. From start
to finish, we demand that our recruits maintain the integrity of the Connecticut State Police. When their
integrity comes into question, a review may be warranted. In this particular incident, an investigation was
warranted and conducted by the Internal Affairs Unit. The men and women of the State Police are expected to
hold themselves to the highest standards in law enforcement. When those standards are not met, a process for
review must be followed to determine if recruits are worthy of earning the title of ‘State Trooper,’’ said Colonel

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