Connecticut Covid-19 Update for Thursday 10/29/2020

Thursday saw COVID-19 numbers rise once again with the state reporting 1319 new positive tests out of 21,739 being reported which is 6.07% for the day. Remember this is not an overall percentage since the beginning of the pandemic, but only for Thursday’s reports.

Residents are watching numbers increase. However, more than 10 times the tests are being reported compared to May/June of 2020. The positivity rate may have been much larger 6 months ago with a larger sample size to analyze
The situation county wide is a bit different story from the rest of the state. Although Connecticut has risen to 321 hospitalizations, Eastern Connecticut has remain stabilized even within the amount of infections that are being reported.

New London County hospital stays have been decreasing of the last few days. New London County is reporting 18 people in the hospital, down 4 from the previous day. The largest growth in hospital numbers is Hartford County with 119 (37%) hospitalizations out of the 321 being reported.

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