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Interesting vocabulary tidbits about words we may or my not use regularly!

Word of the Day – “Nurdle”

Nurdle   (Noun) A very small pellet of plastic which serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products.   Examples of Nurdle in a sentence: “Jess filled the box with nurdles, hoping to protect the tea cups inside.” “Eric cleaned the beach every weekend, hoping to stop the dangerous environmental effect of nurdles.”

Word of the Day 9/10/20

Confabulate  (verb)   Engage in conversation; talk. or Fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory. In a sentence? “Come sit with me, and let’s confabulate!” “He might confabulate when he can’t remember something, but that shouldn’t be a lasting side effect.”  

Word of the Day – September 5, 2020 – “Heyday”

Heyday (Noun)   Definition:  the period of one’s greatest popularity, vigor, or prosperity   In its earliest appearances in English, in the 16th century, heyday was used as an interjection that expressed elation or wonder (similar to our word hey, from which it derives). Within a few decades, heyday was seeing use as a noun meaning “high spirits.” This sense …

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