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Interesting vocabulary tidbits about words we may or my not use regularly!


Word of the Day For December 17, 2020

  Sodality Definition - (Noun) An association, especially in a Roman Catholic religious guild or brotherhood   In a sentence? - "Many of the traditions started by the sodality 200 years ago, are still in practice"

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Word of the Day – 12/8/20

  Hello Word Nerds!  Time for today's grammar building word of the day! Bibelot (BIH buh Lo)   A small, decorative ornament or trinket. Examples of Bibelot in a sentence "Alyssa couldn't resist purchasing a few bibelots before she left the store." "Mr. Willis' collection of Santa-themed bibelots, tchotchkes, and collectibles was pulled out every year on December 1."          

todayDecember 8, 2020 28

Word of The Day

Word of the Day – “Nurdle”

Nurdle   (Noun) A very small pellet of plastic which serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products.   Examples of Nurdle in a sentence: "Jess filled the box with nurdles, hoping to protect the tea cups inside." "Eric cleaned the beach every weekend, hoping to stop the dangerous environmental effect of nurdles."

todayDecember 3, 2020 16

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Word of the Day – INCULCATE

Word of the day INCULCATE   Instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction Teach (someone) an attitude, idea, or habit by persistent instruction. In a sentence? "She finally managed to inculcate a better sense of responsibility in her roommates." "The new lecturer was eager to inculcate principles of Asian philosophies to his students."  

todayOctober 15, 2020 11

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Word of the Day 9/10/20

Confabulate  (verb)   Engage in conversation; talk. or Fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory. In a sentence? "Come sit with me, and let's confabulate!" "He might confabulate when he can't remember something, but that shouldn't be a lasting side effect."  

todaySeptember 10, 2020 81

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Word of the Day 9/7/20

Cartomancy   Fortune telling by interpreting a random selection of playing cards.   In a sentence? "I was skeptical of any predictions produced by cartomancy." "She ran a shop that sold herbs and candles, but her specialty was cartomancy."   Did you Know? If you want to practice cartomancy, you need a deck of cards. A standard deck of playing cards includes the suits of clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. […]

todaySeptember 7, 2020 161

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Word of the Day – September 5, 2020 – “Heyday”

Heyday (Noun)   Definition:  the period of one's greatest popularity, vigor, or prosperity   In its earliest appearances in English, in the 16th century, heyday was used as an interjection that expressed elation or wonder (similar to our word hey, from which it derives). Within a few decades, heyday was seeing use as a noun meaning "high spirits." This sense can be seen in Act III, scene 4 of Hamlet, when the Prince of Denmark tells […]

todaySeptember 5, 2020 189

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Word of the Day 9/4/20

Pediculous - infested with lice    In a sentence?   All of the campers in the cabin had to be checked for lice when one boy’s sleeping bag was discovered to be pediculous.   "They say pediculous humors and flyborne air are culprits of plague, so the townsmen make a pyre of flowers and brush, attar and spikenard, by way of purging the air of offense."              

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Word of the Day – 9/3/20

Today's word is....   "Beadle"   A ceremonial officer of a church, college, or similar institution.   or A minor parish officer dealing with petty offenders. In a sentence?  Sure! "The award will be presented by the beadle." "As beadle, he was responsible for enforcing the parking regulations in the small town."

todaySeptember 3, 2020 12