Borough of Jewett City Residents to Elect New Burgess to the Borough Government After Recent Resignation

The Board of Warden and Burgesses, the governing body within the Borough of Jewett City is looking to fill a seat on the board with the recent resignation of Heather Glover. The candidate that would eventually fill that seat would serve the rest of Glover’s term which would conclude in May 2023.
To make sure that the process was done fair and correct, Borough Warden Timothy Sharkey and Board Burgesses reached out to the Borough’s attorney, Duncan Forsyth, for guidance on the process.

Section 5 of the Borough Charter states, “Whenever any vacancy shall occur in any office, the same shall be supplied be the freeman at a special meeting to be called for that purpose, unless such vacancy shall occur within 2 months of the next annual meeting.

The seat needs to be filled by a Republican since Glover is a member of the Republican party, but also due to there needing to be minor representation and all other members of the board are affiliated with the Democratic party.

The election/appointment will take place at the next Borough annual meeting which will be held at Griswold Town Hall on May 18, 2022. Burgess Laurie Sorder states in a Facebook post, “Any registered Republican residing in the Borough of Jewett City that may be interested in filling this vacancy should attend.”

 Please note that interested candidates will be voted in by all registered borough voters (of any party) in attendance. The person that receives the most votes is the new Burgess.
The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.

For additional information, visit the “Borough of Jewett City” Facebook page with any questions you may have.

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