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Every 2 weeks, Griswold Pride (Partnership To Reduce the Influence of Drugs for Everyone) lists different wellbeing resources that you can take advantage of, and they don’t all revolve around any type of drug issues.  The topics that are covered enact with almost all facets of life.  There is something listed here that can certainly assist either yourself, or a loved one.

Week of September 27th

Career Wellbeing

  • Are You Bringing Your Whole Self to Work? To truly be successful in the face of all the challenges we are up against, we must be willing to bring our whole selves to work.  Here are five specific things you can do to be more effective, successful, and engaged at work these days, while encouraging others to follow your lead.

Social & Family Wellbeing

  • The Parenting Hall of Shame: Now Accepting Members – We all lose it from time to time.  We say mean things, we yell, or just generally act in ways we’re not proud of.  But why is it we don’t talk about moments like these with other parents?  Sharing these struggles has some very real benefits.
  • Free App for Caregivers – If you are a caregiver, finding support and community can be critical.  Check out ianacare’s free app where you can build your support team, coordinate care, and communicate key updates all in one place.  You can invite friends, family, neighbors, and other supporters in your life to help when they can.

Financial Wellbeing

  • Inside the Psychology of Overspending and How to Stop – Financial stability comes from following the basics of personal finance, like creating a budget, but there’s also an emotional element in attitudes and decision-making around money. One common financial challenge, overspending, can be eliminated with a combination of practical strategies and emotional understanding.

Physical Wellbeing

  • 5 “Healthy” Foods That May Contain Sneaky Sugar – No matter how well you eat, sneaky sugar is likely making its way into your diet.  Celebrity nutritionist, JJ Virgin, shares the top sneaky sugar sources so you can learn to be a sugar detective.
  • Join a Charity Walking Challenge – You can still join our ‘Step Up with Alera’ walking challenge sponsored by Givhero and Alera Group. Each day you achieve a goal of 5,000 steps you will be helping to donate to one of our favorite charities. Join now and walk with us through October 8th.

Emotional Wellbeing

  • If Slow Living Isn’t Your Thing, Try Slower Living – Slowing down can feel difficult for so many people because they struggle with creating the time, energy, and headspace for it.  But when we overtax ourselves, it’s hard to feel balanced and focused on a daily basis.  Here are 5 tips to help you embrace slower living. 

Community Wellbeing

  • One Mom’s Reminder About Teens and Empathy in the Age of Social Media – For those raising teenagers now, social media wasn’t in existence when we went through the teen years ourselves.  It’s not difficult to understand the incredible impact it can have on our kids during their most self-conscious phase.  One mom explains what we need to teach our teenagers about empathy in the age of social media, and how we ourselves can serve as an example.

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