State Representative Brian Lanoue Prepares for the 2021 Legislative Session

HARTFORD—With the 2021 legislative session set to begin on January 6th, State Representative Brian Lanoue (R-45th) is preparing for a legislative session that will likely look different than usual because of COVID-19. Earlier this month, the Connecticut House Republican’s released their 2021-2023 Committee Assignments with Rep. Lanoue being appointed as a Chair on the Internship Committee, the Committee for Legislative Staff Internships is a statutorily created Committee whose principal responsibility is the development and administration of the Connecticut Legislative Internship Program.

“The tradition of internships at the Capitol will look differently this year, but the enthusiasm to teach our young adults about the workings of government is just as important now, more than ever. I am thrilled that Brian has taken on this task and am confident he will use the positive and affable nature he is known for and encourage our young folks as they learn the ropes. Mentorship and providing a sounding board to those who need a guiding hand will be critical in the potential remote nature of the session, Brian is up for this important role,” House Republican Leader-Elect Vincent Candelora said.

“I am excited to be given the opportunity to serve as Chair of the Internship Committee. As a legislator, you are here to serve the people, part of that is helping younger people to see the legislative process on the ground and encourage our youth to get involved in public service. Involving our young people will help set us up for success in the future and Connecticut needs that now more than ever,” Rep. Lanoue said.

Representative Lanoue will also serve on the Banking and Commerce Committees, both of which he will be serving for a second term. “I am happy to return to the Banking and Commerce Committees, local business is the core of our state, we want to offer them a climate to grow and thrive. A strong foundation for our existing businesses would make it more attractive for entrepreneurs to remain in or come to Connecticut. COVID-19 has presented us with many challenges. As result, we need to make sure we capture new startup companies and innovators that have the capability of bringing new ideas and technology to the market place. We want to make sure that given its prime location, eastern Connecticut is the place for it. My goal is to help Connecticut become more business friendly, we need to have tax and regulatory reform for existing businesses to grow, new startups to locate here and incentivize lenders to fund business.” Rep. Lanoue said. The Committee on Children, which Representative Lanoue will be serving on for the first time, deals with all matters relating to children. “In 2019, I introduced H.B. #5165, which requires mandatory background checks for camp counselors that would identify instances involving neglect, abuse, sexual misconduct or any other crimes. Being an advocate for our children has always been important to me, having the ability to help them in this capacity is something that I take very seriously.”

Representative Lanoue, a resident of Griswold, has been serving the people of the 45th District since 2018. This will be his first year as Chair of the Committee for Legislative Staff Internships.

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