So, What Happened to the RV Dealership That Was Coming to Griswold??

It’s coming, no it isn’t, yep, it’s coming again, wait there’s a problem, ok not coming again, guess what – our minds have changed and we are coming, ok for reals no we aren’t.

That’s been the story of Flagg RV Sales and Service coming to Griswold.

Flagg RV at one point had 2 dealerships, both in Massachusetts that sold and serviced motor homes.  Some, very high end.  When the pandemic hit, the business boomed and it was very difficult to keep units in stock.

Flagg RV purchased land on Route 164, just passed the 395 overpass with the desire to put their 3rd dealership right here in Griswold.  For reasons not presented, Flagg RV pulled the plug on the project while still holding ownership to the land.

When the pandemic RV sales boom hit, Flagg RV told Griswold’s Economic Development Committee that they were in fact going to build out the dealership in town and since inventory was hard to come by at that point, it was going to be a service facility with sales opening up at a later date.

The Flagg RV saga continued to go back and forth on whether or not they were coming to town.  Then the announcement came that Flagg RV had sold their 2 dealerships in Massachusetts to “Camping World.”  There was still a shot that Camping World was going to buy the Griswold property from Flagg… and was given first dibs on it.

At this time, Camping World is said to be not interested in the Griswold property yet information was sent out in a press release at the time of purchase that they were still looking to expand in Rhode Island and Connecticut.  But, where in Connecticut?  Apparently not in Griswold.

For now, the property just sits with no development planned.

Camping World was called at their home office in Bowling Green, KY with a media inquiry from SNSN Radio.  No return call has been made.  If they do call back with information, we will certainly update this story.

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