PODCAST: Board of Finance Meeting, 4/21/20 – Where’s The Budget?

By clicking the link below, you can listen to the entire (3 hours) Board of Finance meeting from 4/21 which was conducted via Zoom Conferencing.  The audio does fade in and out from time to time, but that’s the nature of the product at times when you are dealing with the internet and relying on some folks personal internet speeds and connections.  You will most certainly be able to hear the messages and content.

Also, the audio that you are going to listen to is completely native and NOT edited in any way.  It’s just as it happened with no changes made. SNSN Radio wants to make sure that when public meetings are posted that they are delivered in their truest form with none of it’s integrity compromised.  If you do not want to listen to the entire meeting, you can fast forward or rewind to any part by simply clicking.


Griswold Board of Finance Meeting – 4/21/20

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