***UPDATE***Plainfield Town Hall To Close For Rest of the Week Due To Possible COVID-19 Issue

According to Plainfield First Selectman Kevin Cunningham, he was alerted by a town hall staff member that they weren’t feeling well and had come in contact with a person that had tested positive for COVID-19.  The contact by the Plainfield staffer is said to be accidental.  Cunningham suggested that the employee get tested right away.

Then a 2nd staff member (who was not feeling ill) also stated that they to had come in contact with a person that had tested for COVID-19.  Both town hall employees said that the people they came in contact with were juveniles.  It is not known if it was the same young person that was tested positive.

In response to this, Cunningham has closed town hall for the rest of this week and all staff members have been advised to get tested ASAP for COVID-19.  Cunningham states that “Hopefully by Monday of next week we can open town hall once again.  We are currently steam cleaning all of our offices with our new equipment to make sure this is a safe work environment.”

There are some town meetings that are scheduled and will be available on the ZOOM teleconferencing system.  Make sure to check the Plainfield Town Hall web site, plainfieldct.org for details on meetings.


First Selectman Kevin Cunningham has announced after a lengthy discussion with the North East District Department of Health that Plainfield Town Hall will resume operations at Town Hall.  The 2 town employees of the town will have to quarantine for 14 days since they came into contact with individuals that did test positive.  The employees in question have not tested positive for COVID-19.  Otherwise, Town Hall will open tomorrow (Wednesday).




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