Inspectors Are Assessing Griswold Properties, Don’t Pay More Than you Need To Be!

Property inspections are in progress in the Town Of Griswold.  You may be contacted by a representative notifying you they will be doing a property inspection.  According to Griswold Tax Assessor Evelyn Spagnolo, these people that are coming to do the inspections are vetted with background checks and will have identification badges with them at all times.

“The re-evaluation  are required by the State of Connecticut and are done every 5 years.  The last one was done in 2016” stated Spagnolo.  “Almost 75% of residents that DO NOT give answers to the inspectors during the re-evaluation period are paying more taxes than they need to be paying because the inspector may have to guess.”  This is of course if they can’t/don’t make contact with the homeowner.  She said that residents can certainly refuse the inspection and says “I understand why people are leery” due to the rise of COVID infections.  “I hope that people are receptive to answering the questions, but the resident can certainly refuse.”

“We’re a little late out of the gate, thinking that this (covid) would be lessening.”

Currently, the inspectors are taking measurements on the outside only.  They will eventually come to the door to ask questions regarding the property.

If you have any concerns at all, please contact the Assessor’s office at 860-376-7060×2105.






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