High School Soccer: Best Team in a Decade, and No Home Field To Play On…..

SNSN Wolverines LogoThe GHS Boys Soccer team is away today (11/2) for a 3:00 PM game in New London.  The game was supposed to be played at Griswold, but cannot which has not set well with some player’s parents.  The Wolverines who have posted a 13-2-1 record was supposed to have home field advantage after taking the ECC regular season title.  According to GHS Campus Wide Athletics and Activities Director, Steve Cravinho, maintenance aerated the field and is not playable.  Cravinho did say that they are working on a plan for the state tournament.

Kristen Ortiz, who’s son plays on the team says “These boys have worked so hard to get to where we are. Home field advantage is HUGE. It’s disappointing. And honestly I don’t even know how it’s “right”. I feel like someone needs to figure this out.”   Another parent, Rachel Christie, stated “As a parent, it’s so upsetting to know that our boys will not be able to play on our home field where they are most accustomed to the grounds for ECC’s and States this year. They have worked so hard to get to this point and will now be forced to play elsewhere when they should be on their own turf. In my opinion this puts them at a disadvantage. We are all very disappointed to say the least.”
Wolverines Coach, DJ Johnson, said “We’re 4th in the state class S and 2nd in the ECC.  It’s upsetting that we worked so hard to have home field advantage”

Even the Wolverine players are pretty vocal about the inability to play out the post season at home.   One player stated “Yes it is unfortunate, playing on our field supported by our fans definitely gives us a huge advantage. But it’s not the end of the world. No matter what field we play on, we have to play every game like it’s our last. The boys are very excited to be able to compete in the ECC and CIAC State Tournament.”  Another player went on record to say “it’s just disappointing. we put so much work in this season and worked so hard to get where we are and now it’s being taken because of a stupid mistake.”

It goes on and on!  The kids are rightfully very upset.  Another player reaching out to SNSN saying “It’s not fair to us. Our home field advantage was stripped and we had no idea idea it was happening. I was shocked yesterday. Whose decision was that to do that? We were undefeated at home, and as a senior we now don’t have the chance to ever play on this field again.”
Where ever the blame lies, it doesn’t really matter at this point.  What matters is that these games get played at a field that can be considered “home field.”  Griswold hasn’t had a boys soccer team that has had this much success in YEARS.  How about Sheldon Field, could that be an option?
SNSN will keep you updated.


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