Griswold One of the Lowest Infection Rates Currently In Eastern Connecticut

With infection percentages still rising, Griswold has the lowest percentage of infections (positive test results / total amount of tests) in Eastern Connecticut within the 45th district, although the slimmest of margins.  Voluntown is just one hundredth of a percentage rate higher.  Currently, the Town of Windham has the highest infection rate.

Below are the percentage of infections within Eastern Connecticut.

Griswold 3.32%

Voluntown 3.33%

Putnam 3.81%

Lisbon 3.88%

Canterbury 3.92%

Killingly 4.30%

Plainfield 4.57%

Norwich 4.73%

Sterling 4.78%

Windham 5.76%

All percentages and values were taken from


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