Griswold Finds Their Groove as Wolverines Clip the Clippers

It was a great start for the Griswold Wolverines Boys Basketball team.  They started with a 10-0 run to begin the game. Teamwork was key, with six players scoring in the first quarter for Griswold. By the end of the first quarter, the Wolverines had jumped out to a 13-6 lead. The second quarter started even better than the first. The Wolverines went on a 17-0 run. The Clippers did not get on the scoreboard until Colby Levingston of the Clippers made a free throw. C.J. Mattson lead the Wolverines with seven points in the second quarter. Logan McGeowan also had a big impact, putting in two three-pointers. By the end of the second quarter, the Wolverines jumped out to a 37-13 lead. In the third quarter, the Griswold continued to extend their lead, only allowing six points. Max Gregory was the high scorer in the third quarter for the Wolverines, putting up seven points. Head Coach Rob Mileski was very proud of his team saying, “we played with intensity and energy and they really had fun.” It must have been great fun for the Wolverines since they had already put up 51 points by the end of the third quarter. By the start of the fourth quarter, the game was well in hand for Griswold.  Raymond Ceccarelli took over the fourth quarter on defense with seven blocks. The leading scorer for the Wolverines was Nick Gileau, who had 12 points. Max Gregory made the most of his opportunities scoring 10 points. Colby Levingston led the Clippers with 11 points. The Griswold defeated the Putnam Clippers 64-35. The next game for the Wolverines will be away against St. Bernard’s on Friday at 7pm. Wolverine Radio will have a live broadcast of that game starting at 6:50pm. The next game for the Clippers will be tomorrow at Grasso Tech.

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