Connecticut Closing In On 6,000 Covid Related Deaths

Stats were released on Wednesday relating to Covid-19 in Connecticut and Connecticut is closing in on a rather grim number.  Almost 6,000 residents (5964) of the state have lost their lives will illness related to Covid-19 with another 40 residents being listed in today’s reporting.  However, the number of hospitalizations decreased by 59.

Another 18,548 tests were reported and 1696 of those tests came back positive making the daily positivity rate 9.14%.  Please note, this is not the overall rate for the state from the start of the pandemic, it is only the percentage of positive tests reported for today against the amount of tests reported.


Here are percentages from area towns.  These are stats since the beginning of the pandemic.

Griswold 3.71%

Plainfield 5.10%

Sterling 5.17%

Lisbon 4.00%

Voluntown 3.34%

Sprague 3.78%

Canterbury 4.58%

Norwich 5.07%

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