Annual Snowflake Parade A Huge Hit At Hopeville State Park, May Continue In the Future

The annual snowflake parade took on a brand new form this year, mainly driven from issues with the pandemic.  Instead of the parade traveling down it’s usual route and finishing with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Residents from all over the tri state area came to the “reverse” parade that was held inside the campground at Hopeville State Park.  “Floaters” were all assigned a camp site to decorate, have entertainment, or place their quite extravagant floats for people to view as they drove by….and lots of people did just that.

Griswold Youth and Families Director Ryan Aubin said that they went through 400 gift bags and 200 stuffed animals in just 90 minutes.  He estimates that there were approximately 1500 people that attended the parade in 500+ cars.

“Next year, we are hoping to keep the layout the same at Hopeville. The partnership between the Griswold Youth Center team, the Griswold Recreation Commission, and the Hopeville team really made this possible.

At one point, traffic was lined up outside the park down Route 201 with cars trying to enter and view the parade.

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