This Week the CIAC Will Announce the Fate of Winter High School Sports In Connecticut

Winter sports is still up in the air for High Schools and private clubs since COVID-19 levels continue to spike. There are many rumors out there staking a claim as to what is or is going to happen with winter sports.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 a little over 10 months ago, the State of Connecticut Department of Health has made the calls on whether or not sports are played or not. Individual clubs started up this past summer with basketball and baseball leagues across the state. Early fall, an AAU Basketball league in Rhode Island (Breakers) did start to play, but did have to shut down after only a few games. Some Connecticut teens started playing for the Rhode Island league since AAU and other club sports were eventually shut down by the state. The CIAC doesn’t govern independent clubs, and had no say as to if they could play or not.

The CIAC Board of Controls has a meeting on Thursday to determine on whether or not they are going to have a winter season, if anything, a shortened season. Basketball would be 12 games instead of the usually scheduled 20 games for both boys and girls.

Griswold Athletic Director, Steve Cravinho did open up the “Family ID” system on Tuesday which is the portal used to sign up for sports at GHS. Choices include Boys and Girls basketball, Boys and Girls track, Wrestling (CO-ED), Fencing, and Competitive Cheer.

“We don’t know, we will have to wait and see what comes out of the meeting with the CIAC on Thursday” said Cravinho.

The entire school campus in Griswold moved back to full remote learning this week, and a target date of January 19, 2021 has been mentioned for students to resume the hybrid learning model. According to the CIAC before the Christmas holiday break, they also set a date of 1/19 which was a postponement of an additional month since winter sports were to start in early December 2020.

Cravinho says that he says schedules ready to go but has to wait until he receives guidance from the state and local health departments. The schedules would be tentative since there may be schools at anytime that could pull out due to their own COVID-19 concerns and actions.

Spring sports are still on tap at this point and schools as well as the CIAC are very hopeful.

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