Local Businessman Raises Money for Resident in Need

Jewett City resident Charley Hill thanks Patrick Strain

Jewett City Resident Charley Hill was looking to get a little bit of cash out of an old Dodge Caravan that he had sitting around that didn’t work. There is a local service, Cash 4 Cars, run by Griswold resident Patrick Strain. Cash 4 Cars will come pick up your vehicle and pay you cash on the spot which is exactly what Charley Hill was looking for.
What was to be simply a normal service call by Strain, turned out to be something more than he bargained for.
He met Charley and found him to not only be a wonderful guy, but he had some health problems that inhibited his mobility around the house. Charley had recently lost half of one foot, and quite possibly would be losing half of the other as well.
As Strain went into Charley’s home, he noticed that there was a frame set up of 2X4’s that was supposed to eventually be a bathroom that would be fitted out for a man that was in a wheelchair. There were other issues in the apartment that needed work immediately, but Charley couldn’t afford to get them all done. Plus, he relies on friends to come over and help him move around and get different places. He certainly doesn’t have the ability to do the work himself.
“I felt that he needed some help” noted Strain who not only paid to take the Caravan as agreed, but also brought Charley back the profits that he made on it from scrapping it and gave it to him as a gift.
It wasn’t enough. So Strain then decided he was going to raise funds for Charley to help him with projects. He put up a post on local social media telling a little of Charley’s story to local residents.
The town responded.
Money was collected via venmo, cash was collected by Strain, Griswold resident Scott Freyer, and donations were also accepted right here at the SNSN studios on Main St. All in all, Strain spearheaded a campaign that raised $3710 for Charley Hill. Local handyman Bryant Pierce also has thrown his hat in the ring to help with the construction of the bathroom and shower which will be ADA compliant so he would be able to get his wheelchair through the door which it isn’t right now. Hopefully, this will allow Charley to get his needs taken care of. If not, and if you have had a chance to meet Charley, you would want to help him too.
You hear it all the time… “People Suck.” It’s a very popular phrase when people are upset. People don’t suck. Especially in Griswold. The call gets sent out for help. Griswold reacts. Money is raised. Goals and projects get started and completed. New friends are made and kept.
That’s how we roll……

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