Labossiere To Be Named Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation

The board of education met in Griswold last night. The board still hadn’t filled the director of Curriculum position that was left vacant after Sue Rourke retired, until last night.

Griswold Middle School Principal Glenn Labossiere was named Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation which is a bit of a different name for the job that was vacated by Rourke. Labossiere has 25 years within the Griswold School system including teacher, Campus Wide Athletic Director, and Principal of Griswold Middle School.

According to Griswold Public Schools Superintendent Sean McKenna, there were 32 candidates from different “leadership posts in the region” that applied for the position. The process took 2 months to complete.

Labossiere will start in his new position on November 2, 2020. Mr. Louis Zubeck, who serves as the Assistant Principal at the middle school, has been appointed Interim Principal at the Middle School and will take the helm on November 2, 2020 as well. A formal search for a permanent Middle School Principal will take place later on in the 2020-2021 school year.

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